Sunday, September 28, 2008


Wow, February 1st 2008 seems like another world, another place, another lifetime. Well, it was another place, seemed like a different world, and might as well have been another lifetime. Sometimes, especially in my life, getting to point B involves going through point C first, which maybe I thought was point B, but was indeed point C, and thus life moves in that non-linear fashion of which I am so fond.

It's September 28, 2008, and I am no longer in Los Angeles, California. I left there on May 2, 2008 and had been marking time in Midland for a while, regrouping. Those closest to me know this already. It's a long story, which starts where that trip out West begins, and ends with someone who looks a lot like Dr. Zaius. At least, I'll give him credit as the final straw, such as that cliche goes. To read through this blog, at least the LA part, is probably to realize that there was a downhill trajectory most of the way. Too much rain, not enough sun, to chilly for me, that's not sea mist over the ocean it's smog, no one says hello, oh yes and there were a few atomic lipstick bomb droppings along the way--well they all conspired to make me unhappy in LA. I do love the beach, still, but the trade off is not worth it, being too far from family and even, dare I say it, yes I do, Texas. For, though I might try to be something else for a while, I readily admit now, I am a Texan. I am, of course, a Blue Texan. I think there are more of us than maybe we think, just not in Midland.

I think that, therefore, I am in Austin, Texas.

Weird? Haha.

More later.